romantic comedy


love at first sight
A Sharp Digital/Short Written/directed by Peter Russell


love in elevator by peter russel


Peter Russell: Born into a theatrical family in London, England, Peter realized he had to be in show-business during a matinee of “2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY”. He was also 5 years old. With his Father; master Tailor (Harrods) and Oil painter (under Victor Askew) Mother; dance teacher/choreographer (taught Victoria 'Posh' Beckham) and Brother; a virtuoso guitarist (Wishbone Ash) --- Peter achieved awards in dance/ theatre, played guitar left or right handed.

Att age 11, he naturally rebelled against all things creative, diving instead, into mud & his first love; Soccer. Emerging as a leading, regional goal scorer, at 14 he was training at legendary Arsenal & Tottenham grounds when Fate stepped in. Tennis was a parallel love and Bjorn Borg was now a phenomenon. . He turned Pro. and played @ Manchester, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Brighton etc,- always playing above his age group to become the youngest male to reach Wimbledon, age 16. Invited to play Exhibitions in Austria, Peter co-founded ITS (Int. Tennis School) in Salzburg with local celebrity George Monroe.

The pair shot comedy instructional videos, won endorsements from Prince & Krizia and expanded to Hamburg. Meanwhile in the UK, Peter was cast in commercials for Daily Mirror, Dr. Pepper's & The Sun. He also worked on Indiana Jones, James Bond, Empire of the Sun, Superman 4, Aliens & many others, moving to Hollywood, in ’86. Signing to legendary talent agent Herb Tannen". Forming Howling Moon Productions in '97, Peter became a respected script dr. and prolific writer. From the mega "BATMAN V: TWILIGHT" to his award-winning, indie short "ELEVATION" Peter has written 10 original film/ television scripts & a play.




Peter Russell


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