romantic comedy


love at first sight
A Sharp Digital/Short Written/directed by Peter Russell


love in elevator by peter russel

What inspired you to write a story about love in the modern age?
Loneliness! In a city of beautiful girls, Elevation is a love letter to the woman of my dreams. But technology is making it tough to find her! Where do people meet? Coffee shops, gyms, my space? even jogging, most girls are armed with their cell phone or Ipods; "guy-deflectors" I call them. I think a lot of people are lonely (certainly after 9/11) but as a hope-full romantic, I just had to write something about it.

You used both color and black and white photography in Elevation.
What inspired you to make this choice?

I wanted to revisit Hollywood’s Golden Era. Outside equals color, modern, loud, crowds rushing. Inside is black and white, letterbox, old fashioned, boy meets girl. Two choices; silence or communication? They meet clumsy, playing games; who has the upper hand, etc. Slowly their barriers come down. Interestingly, my editor, Mike (caffeine machine) Hartwig at CSOS and I reversed the color and black/white scenes and that works too.

How important do you think it is to use professional actors in a film?
Well, Elevation is all dialogue. Very Tracy/Hepburn. So it was essential I cast a professional, reliable, experienced actor. Enter LaReine. Magic happens. She truly captured Jo-Anne; natural, comedic, sexy, strong, gentle, spunky. Also, she really wanted the role. She’s a sponge for direction, gives great feedback and was supportive no matter how many hats I was wearing.

What were your biggest lessons while making your film?
Have faith! And ENJOY the process. Take your moments when you can; cos you won’t be sleeping. I averaged 4 hours a night for 2 weeks. Creative satisfaction, politics, even money worries are all minor miracles. Treat the highs and lows the same but keep your eyes on the big picture. Do not be stopped.


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